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The uprooting of olive trees by the IDF and by settlers is done to protect the settlers, since they are supposedly used to protect gunmen or stone-throwers.
The uprooting of olive trees by the Israel Defence Forces and by settlers are done to protect the settlers, since they are supposedly used to protect gunmen or stone throwers.
The sources added that the violent uprooting happened on Thursday morning and that the land owners and citizens of the village filed a report at the Palestinian Military Liaison office.
Locals from the Yyrca village had been guarding the nearby grove for more than 16 days to prevent the Kolin Group construction company from uprooting thousands of olive trees there to make room for the planned power plant.
Occupation forces accompanied by the Israeli Environmental Authority visited the area more than four months ago and marked thousands of olive trees for uprooting.
A statement issued by the Speaker-s Office quoted Nijaifi stressing in the meeting that uprooting terrorist organizations is done through cooperation of all spectrums of Iraqi society based on genuine national partnership; pointing out that the organization is investing in past and present mistakes; and that uprooting it comes through finding political solution and by giving local administrations the right authorities.
UPM is the first user of a new uprooting method for the mechanical cleaning of sapling stands.
Village elders council chief, Nu'man Hamadan said that a gang of Israeli settlers escorted by Israeli occupation forces and heavy vehicles stormed into a plot of land which belongs to a Palestinian owner with an estimated space of 15 acres and began uprooting 200 olive trees, stole the trees and uploaded them in trucks and demolished supportive walls and bulldozed highlands to the west of the Palestinian village.
Phil McGurran, manager of the Ormeau Road pub, said: "The trail of soil went up the street to where he lived and he was captured uprooting the plants on our CCTV camera.
HYDERABAD, April 24, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The uprooting of eight electric poles, connected with three 11 KV Feeders has caused severe power breakdown in a vast area of Hyderabad City, Latifabad and Qasimabad Talukas from early hours.
Two farmers from the Jahran district, Dhamar governorate, 70 km to the south of the capital Sana'a, took the initiative of uprooting qat in their lands and replacing them with potatoes, fruits as well as wheat.
I do wonder what is the point of throwing away millions more in a bid to resuscitate the North East, when our own local firms are uprooting our own factories and going abroad.