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I went on, "I suppose this upset him, for when we were in town on Thursday last he had a sort of shock."
24 September.--I hadn't the heart to write last night, that terrible record of Jonathan's upset me so.
And if it be wanted, then, perhaps, if I am ready, poor Jonathan may not be upset, for I can speak for him and never let him be troubled or worried with it at all.
Then that chap who flew round Paris and upset in the Seine.
The WTA said that, since Hsieh added coach and boyfriend Frederic Aniere to her traveling team in 2017, the 33-year-old has pulled off most of her stunning upsets, starting with her defeat of Johanna Konta in the first round of Roland Garros that year, and including Saturday's win over Naomi Osaka.
Having graduated from Loyola, I know a little something about upsets, having enjoyed my Ramblers' run to the Final Four last year.
Proportion of dogs presented with tummy upsets: Far Too Many.
Millions of ( brackets have been filled out with fans looking to correctly pick upsets, the Final Four and the college basketball national champion.
The causes are consistent--stalls at low altitude (most commonly shortly after takeoff, a go-around or a buzz job, with traffic pattern stalls in second place), upsets into steep banks and, surprisingly, near the bottom of the list, spins.
The company said upsets in flight conditions are magnified and require specific piloting skills are to recover.
It was just the latest in a series of Bradford cup upsets, and the manager now fancies another big name in today's fifth-round draw.
agree (strongly or at least slightly) with the statement: "It upsets you when a radio station you like changes format," and 44% agree strongly.