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The inaugural list UPstanding Executive Power List aims to showcase and rank the Top 100 executive BAME professionals working in the US, UK and Ireland.
So will these fine upstanding gents Help the poor and needy?
ROB HENDRIKS WILL EXPLAIN HIS METHOD OF RELIEF MAKING and how to construct and glue those reliefs so that they become an upstanding relief and become a sculpture.
Verdict tells the story of Professor Karl Hendryk who leads a content and morally upstanding life.
Mercedes never claimed to be the most upstanding resident, but faking a pregnancy?
I've always been amazed how honest and upstanding its buyers and sellers actually are.
QUALITY stands for Quickness, Upstanding, Agility, Loudness, Instinct, Technique and Yell to organise and two decades on Friedel is following the same principles.
Mohammad Younes, the sound of the village's mukhtar, Kazem Younes, was remembered as an upstanding man who had left Lebanon 17 years earlier.
I happen to know the young man, and he is totally upstanding - he's an outstanding individual.
Lots of upstanding people have suddenly had the rug pulled out from under them .
Press officer Graham Chivers described Mrs Guarino as a "normal, fine upstanding member of the community" and revealed that nearly 100 officers were working on the case.
Mystery fans everywhere, especially fans of the previous Kerry Grant novels, should seek out "A Chilling Goodbye" for an upstanding, forthright read.