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Malaysia-based CIMB has said that it was expecting an uptrend in consumer banking.
The report said that the index started the year 2013 with a strong and steady uptrend which was sustained up till the end of May, where it touched 8, 451.
DMI+ and DMI- converged; ADX is in the middle of the scale and is going downwards, indicating the local uptrend development.
A long-term uptrend line from the mid-January low of 1,294.
The uptrend in the lender's mortgage loan portfolio has been seen since April, when the rate ceased declining for the first time in a year.
30, its uptrend line, and held that level for the week closing higher by Dh0.
shares during the Golden Week holidays in Japan through Wednesday were offset by losses due to the yen's recent uptrend against the U.
output of plastics products increased nicely during the fourth quarter of 2003, and this uptrend will continue through-out 2004.
An uptrend indicates to the investor to go long on the stock while a downtrend instructs the investor to short the stock.
The shares are overall in a bullish uptrend ahead of earning, trading not far from their life highs.
ADX is indicating the uptrend development; DMI+ rose higher than DMI-; ADX is in the middle of the scale and is going upwards.