upward curve

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She had light yellow hair, mischievous blue eyes with the light of humor ever twinkling in their depths, and a large, perfectly formed mouth, with that slight upward curve of the corners which goes with a keen appreciation of fun, suggesting even in repose that a latent smile is ever lurking at the edges of the lips.
The upward curve of the surface of Pellucidar was constantly revealing the impossible to the surprised eyes of the outer-earthly.
The height of the trees and the thickness of the boles exceeded anything which I in my town-bred life could have imagined, shooting upwards in magnificent columns until, at an enormous distance above our heads, we could dimly discern the spot where they threw out their side-branches into Gothic upward curves which coalesced to form one great matted roof of verdure, through which only an occasional golden ray of sunshine shot downwards to trace a thin dazzling line of light amidst the majestic obscurity.
while George fans her along over the white blur of the Banks in beautiful upward curves of fifty miles each.
Although it was the first time Greece had failed to reach the finals since 2006, the HFF felt that Skibbe could help the team continue their upward curve after the catastrophic Euro 2016 qualifying campaign that saw them finish bottom of their group.
The race now heads for the Alps and three-time Tour winner Froome said: "I certainly feel as if I'm on an upward curve.
The fact that the upward curve of killings has continued.
DEREK MAGUIRE has gone Stateside while Andy McDonald is injured and, with Meath and Kildare on their side of the draw, that should be too much, even for a team on an upward curve.
Quote: "Tanfeedh and the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) have a very in-depth strategy and their main targets are special interest groups or the adventure and sports tourists, and sports tourism is on a huge upward curve.
He argues that if the organisation or individual leaves the curve before it goes into decline then they can start a new upward curve in their next chosen direction.
CARL BOYESON (East Yorkshire) Y A MIXED bag with four wins, three defeats and two draws under his stewardship but the trend is definitely on an upward curve with that quartet of victories crammed into the last five matches - most recently the 2-0 win at Walsall in January which was one of City's best performances of the season considering the difficult circumstances.
WALES wing Alex Cuthbert is demonstrating an upward curve in form ahead of next month's Six Nations opener against England - according to his Cardiff Blues region.