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Throughout, it reflects the historical development, theoretical expansion, and contemporary condition of critical urban place names studies.
We find that attention to urban place is indicative of historical policy trends, highlighting the value of provincial policy agenda datasets for urban and place-based research.
THE 2018 World Towns Leadership Summit in Berlin, Germany will explore the future roles of urban place management organizations in the smart city movement.
But the other key point is that those low-income households--and I'm talking about households earning less than 50 percent of the metropolitan area median income--are far better off living in a revitalized, walkable urban place. Yes, the housing prices may be higher as a percentage of their household income, but the transportation costs are much lower, and transportation is the second-highest household spending category.
Sprawl, in turn, limits the opportunities for access across the broad social spectrum of people who comprise any given urban place.
You may need to use more resources to access health care than someone in a more urban place, simply because of limited accessibility.
Well, here are a few facts about it: we often think of London as being a built-up urban place with little in the way of gardens for its residents.
The studio has created contemporary Arabic fonts for Google Web applications and Android mobiles as well as urban place like Noor Bank in Dubai, the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai and the Abu Dhabi Embassy in Washington, among many others.
The environmental monitoring system provided not only the short- range but also long-range trends in the air pollution of an urban place. All the record and information regarding air sampling network was useful and helpful in evaluating the proficiency of control measures which exist in air pollution abetments programs at city level.
That is a walkable urban place where nearly all daily trips from home are reached by walking, biking, or short car or transit trips.
"It's different to a large urban place, when this type of tragedy comes to a place like this it is deeply felt."
Eoe1/4EoAs the planet becomes an increasingly urban place, delivering these life-improving essentials to cities big and small is proving more than a challenge.

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