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Urbane Furniture, 28 Haddington Place, top of Leith Walk, Edinburgh.
During the contest, Urbane provided drinks and appetizers, gave property tours and hosted a live raffle.
Joined to Aristotelian moderation, as the capacity to amuse without ever offending, the humanistic principle of this urbane distinctiveness converts itself into the principle of equality.
Last year," he recalled in a style that is urbane and peppered with irony, "we had established new investment and new distribution rules that seemed to catch some of the producers a little off guard.
Ever the pluralist, Hurston rejected Locke's and Du Bois's elitism and validation of urbane hybridization, yet her work on black music ultimately points to an alternative synthesis of pluralism and cosmopolitanism--one that rejected the ideal of musical progress and remained rooted in rural, vernacular forms.
Presented by the urbane Alan Whicker, this gives a run down of what the captain of the good ship Britain does during a working day.
Strangelove, he helped to create an America energized by newfound sexual liberation, urbane coolness, and casual iconoclasm.
What, then, does the main body of Urbane and Rustic England set out to do?
4) Indeed, "the fall" of the title describes Clamence's fall from being an idealistic attorney much in the mold of Finch to being the urbane, dissolute, and strangely knowing expatriate he is at the time he tells his story.
Toller took the stick as CEO in 1990 from Bill Wishnick, a witty, urbane Manhattanite who enjoyed mingling with employees and courting analysts.
Nick and Nora Charles are an urbane, happily married couple who dote on their Airedale terrier, Asta.
Cage in his heyday always maintained a wonderfully urbane sense of human irony, but his hard-nosed acolytes, hell-bent in the pit, stooped over their simmering electronic devices, are simply pompous and absurd.