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One of the best features of the Urbane is the Wi-Fi Sync, which continues to fetch Internet-based notification even if you forget your phone at home.
Open for almost a year, Urbane Furniture has gained a reputation as a place to shop for bespoke items.
So, we have added ancillary income from co-work space desk rental to what was an expense and a generally unused space, and we have infused folks from the larger Michigan community into our Urbane community, which is driving more rentals," Brown says.
She meets the urbane and polyglot Kanai and the illiterate but keenly intuitive fisherman Fokir, and the three of them embark on a quest fraught with personal tension and physical danger.
Relying on his diplomatic and managerial skills, the understated and urbane Rusesabagina protects hundreds of Tutsis, calling in favors, offering bribes, negotiating private deals, and maintaining the fiction that his hotel remains an island of culture and civility in a world gone mad.
And even after two decades, the urbane beauty of Rattlesnakes still sounds fresh.
He was overjoyed to be chatting openly and freely with a foreign gay man in the urbane city center of Dakar.
Shelter will share City's urbane tone and will speak to a new generation of design-savvy readers.
In general, Soth manages to avoid teasing condescension in favor of something plainer, offering tentative, hedging accounts of his interesting personalities without much in the way of urbane editorializing.
An urbane, sophisticated man with a genial manner and a resonant baritone voice, fluent in French and English, Archbishop Hutchison said he anticipates serving three years, until the next General Synod in 2007 However, he noted in the interview, to work on the church's most contentious current issue, the blessing of same-sex relationships, and not attend the 2008 Lambeth Conference "could be an oversight.
Said Ruddy, "Our goal was to create a sophisticated, urbane design for the public spaces of the building.
Joined to Aristotelian moderation, as the capacity to amuse without ever offending, the humanistic principle of this urbane distinctiveness converts itself into the principle of equality.