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The museum was designed with an urbanely neat setting in mind.
Before you can say "Shadow of a Doubt," this urbanely handsome "Uncle Charlie" is arousing India's suspicions (and, it's implied, other things besides) as he swiftly cements himself in the household by seducing her brittle, emotionally susceptible mother, Evelyn (Kidman).
95), originally published in 1950, remains the most elegantly written, urbanely informed (Fermor loves the islands' libraries), sharply observed work of its kind, far more perceptive and engaging than (if just as opinionated as) Naipaul's The Middle Passage.
Male protagonists in French films don't take off together in convertibles for the Pyrenees; they stay home and urbanely have affairs.
I had, in fact, thought this, although at the moment I urbanely pretended otherwise.
The symposium follows Stirling's achievements from the spindly modernistic University of Leicester Engineering Building (with James Gowan) to Stuttgart's urbanely post-modern Staatsgalerie [with Michael Wilford], icons of their distinct eras.
In its 18th-century adolescence, it was the most ruthless imperial predator in Europe; in its 19thcentury maturity it presided urbanely over the greatest empire the world had ever seen.
Children were beaten routinely, at school and home, and male violence towards women was urbanely tolerated.
Solicitous and urbanely flirtatious cavaliers attach themselves to congeries of ladies at rest, slackened in silken lassitude.
Only Balzac could have done justice to the varied social circles in which he moved, high and low, earthy or urbanely literary.