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This study was part of a broader project that aimed to investigate the impacts of urbanisation on the epidemiology of parasitic infections of marsupials in Perth, Western Australia, with particular consideration of parasites that may be acquired from humans and pets in urbanised environments.
Since Gurgaon and Rewari are fairly urbanised and have a higher per capita income as compared to Mewat, funds under the MGNREGS have been left unutilised in the two districts, while the allocation for Mewat has been found to be deficient to cover the job demand there," Singh told M AIL T ODAY .
Would a few safety signs here and there possibly make it any more urbanised?
The city authorities have made a conscious decision to accommodate predicted population growth within the existing urbanised area through structural densification.
He said Tyne and Wear had 3pc of its land urbanised between 1981 and 2001.
They were applied to 13 major urbanised areas in the US, using housing units as the basic measure.
In 2010, the Commission had opened an in-depth investigation into public funding granted by Spain to operators of the terrestrial television platform for the deployment of the digital terrestrial television network in remote and less urbanised areas representing around 2.5% of the territory.
The Tame is the main river through Birmingham and has been urbanised over many years, running through the city centre and following the M6 where it has been constrained by concrete banks.
The incidence of bulimia is almost two-and-a-half times higher in urbanised areas than in rural areas, and five times higher in large cities than in rural areas, the research found.
Between 1981 and 2001, Merseyside had 4.8% of its total area urbanised.
THE multimillion pound revamp of Leamington's Jephson Gardens has been 'urbanised' by a huge new building and harsh lighting, it has been claimed.
Mumbai Maharashtra has the highest number of people living in urban centres at 50.8 million with Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur and Pune being the most urbanised districts, and Gadchiroli, Sindhudurg and Hingoli being the least urbanised, according to Census of India 2011.