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Director of Observer Research Foundation, Sunjoy Joshi said that increasing urbanization is causing equity concerns and governance problems and emphasized that the planning cannot be depoliticized.
This goes a long way toward explaining why China's urbanization has lagged: the system of land tenure - which seems impossible to replicate in other developing countries - ensures that the reservoir of labor for industrialization and urbanization remains located in country villages, rather than in city slums.
The sixth chapter is by contributors from South Africa and discusses urbanization, youth and substance abuse in their country.
is at a clear turning point where the continued urbanization of our society is carrying with it major health challenges that cities and towns across America are trying to meet.
2003: Scenario analysis on urbanization and rural-urban migration in China, Interim Report, IR-03-036, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria.
Urbanization transfers resources from rural, which ate in the form of miss utilized, under utilized and unutilized, to urban centres and simultaneously, brings resources, through rural-urban linkage, to the rural economy for its development.
Addressing a discernable gap in the academic record, this significant collection of papers focuses the spotlight on Sarawak women as they encounter and engage with the process of rapid urbanization and rural-urban migration, arguably the most significant aspect of social transformation in Sarawak in the present day.
We need to move toward how to deal with urbanization with a commodity that's focused on the farming aspect.
Symposium on The Effects of Urbanization on Aquatic Ecosystems (2003: Quebec, Canada) Ed.
Kammen assumes that increasingly widespread urbanization and industrialization throughout the twentieth century meant that physical experience of the seasons had ceased.
MALIBU - A new study of the streams in the Santa Monica Mountains shows that even protected areas such as national and state parks are being altered by urbanization, making them unsuitable for native frogs and salamanders.