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Maximum average of Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) was observed in Low Urbanized Area i.
Urbanized areas contain large portions of impervious surfaces such as roads, rooftops and parking lots that channel stormwater directly into local streams, rivers and other water bodies.
Zoning Board Chairman Daniel Heney read a letter from town counsel Kopelman & Paige stating that only urbanized areas are subject to the new regulations.
Towns and rural areas are described as being in the fringe, distant, or remote in relation to the closest urbanized area.
I fully expect this coalition to have a significant positive impact on the alarming trends in urbanized Latino health statistics," said Dun Gifford, Oldways president.
Latin America is the most urbanized area in the developing world, but much of its housing is substandard.
However, the uniqueness of this text is the focus on the effects of population shifts from more urbanized areas to rural areas.
Yet the southern Low Countries (corresponding roughly to the northern tip of modern France and to modern Belgium, a country created only in the nineteenth century) were a crucial part of medieval Europe, being the center of cloth production, one of Europe's most highly urbanized regions (along with northern Italy), and a crossroads for political, religious, and intellectual currents as well as for trade.
The cardinal's general comment on Taiwanese society is that it "became more industrialized, urbanized, and consumerist.
Most urbanized North Americans view us ridiculous the idea of spending an hour of two collecting enough wild greens to make a meal.
However, the very last word in this book, from my namesake Stephen Ward, reminds us, correctly, that, 'As we might expect, the extent of influence of ideas derived from the garden city tradition in the newly urbanized world is very small.
PEO STRI acted as procurement agent for the Air Force in awarding the contract to Cubic under the Army's Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) program.