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Maximum average of Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) was observed in Low Urbanized Area i.
State: Only two possible states are available for a cell at a certain time step: non-urbanized land (0) and urbanized land (1).
However, the very last word in this book, from my namesake Stephen Ward, reminds us, correctly, that, 'As we might expect, the extent of influence of ideas derived from the garden city tradition in the newly urbanized world is very small.
PEO STRI acted as procurement agent for the Air Force in awarding the contract to Cubic under the Army's Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) program.
Urbanization is considered only in the form of economic income of women, and the places they live, such as urbanized areas, rural areas, or squatter housing.
Greater Los Angeles is a highly urbanized metropolis that uses an abundance of chemicals everyday.
Other recent well-documented urbanized areas that have been struck in the past decade include Nashville, Ft.
General Assembly on Wednesday kicked off a three-day special session to evaluate the progress made since the international community pledged in 1996 to ensure adequate shelter for all people in an increasingly urbanized world.
Mongolian Prime Minister Nambaryn Enkhbayar has proposed to end Mongolia's nomadic way of life and to transform the country into a modern urbanized nation, the Far Eastern Economic Review said Wednesday.
AIG's decision to join HRPOCA was based on the company's belief in the value of beneficial partnership with developers, government agencies, public and private institutions and other interested parties in order to foster the responsible development of urbanized waterfront areas.
The DC ran up huge public deficits in a regime of high corruption, to ensure support from Italy's rural south, even as corporations in the country's more urbanized north achieved high levels of success in areas such as fashion and machine tools.
Even relatively urbanized states, bear numbers are rising.