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When destructive urges strike, the easiest thing to do is to act on them - but we don't have to.
The odds ratio for OAB without urge incontinence increased slightly, from 1.
According to this approach, an animal that drinks more alcohol is considered to have a greater urge to drink.
amount proved enough to fund HMS Urge and two other warships, all of which were adopted by the proud town.
Throughout her year in service, HMS Urge continued to receive parcels of food and luxuries from the people of Bridgend, and had she not been sunk, the crew was looking forward to a parade through the town at the end of their tour of duty.
Check the League Web site and if Congress has extended the expiration deadline into 2006, urge your members of Congress to oppose reauthorization unless the checks and balances are restored.
Urge incontinence, according to Brown's team, accounted for some of that risk.
Hence, we urge the Government to negotiate a new treaty with the United States that eliminates withholding taxes on all dividends and interest for payments to both related and unrelated parties.
Contact your Members of Congress and urge them to vote against the "Clear Skies" proposal.