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Urge Creative Agency is dedicated to fulfilling the public's drive for advancement.
Using the urge surfing technique is a good way of helping with addictive behaviours, such as overeating
* Women with urge incontinence may be more likely to limit their activities so that they are always near a toilet.
For example, continent white women had 19% higher MUCPs than white women with either stress or urinary urge incontinence.
Participants were seated in a comfortable reclining chair and were first asked to complete baseline assessments of positive urge to drink and altered state of awareness.
IREM urges the EPA to make the training for certified renovators free to help with the creation of this type of worker.
Overflow incontinence: people suffering from this do not feel the urge to urinate.
In addition, the ACTC urges the IRS to postpone the effective date of proposed Section 10.36 for at least one year after the final Circular 230 regulations are adopted.
Folkerts: On October 6, 2000, HCFA issued a policy decision saying biofeedback therapy would be covered for the treatment of patients with stress and/or urge incontinence who failed a documented trial of pelvic floor exercise training or who are unable to perform pelvic floor exercises.
Researchers and clinicians have long considered the urge to drink (also commonly called craving) a key cause of relapse following alcoholism treatment.
"Urge and urge and urge/Always the procreate urge of the world," Walt Whitman wrote.
People who ignore the urge to have a bowel movement may eventually stop feeling the urge, which can lead to constipation.