urge against

References in classic literature ?
And yet there are men, who have not only been silent spectators of this prospect, but who are advocates for the system which exhibits it; and, at the same time, urge against the new system the objections which we have heard.
Even Mr Codlin had nothing to urge against a proposal so seasonable.
What objection can she urge against him after that?
Say whether you have any objection to urge against those of us who regulate marriage?
If you have anything to urge against the passing of the sentence, the court will yet hear you,” said the Judge, mildly.
You may feel like a lifetime has passed since the last State of the Union address, but in truth it was only a year ago that President Barack Obama took the lectern to urge against partisan politics.
We would, however, urge against people taking matters into their own hands and risking causing further offences.
While the investigation continues, we would urge against speculation," Bond Aviation said in a statement.
US President Barack Obama has warned against "loose talk" of a war with Iran ahead of a crucial meeting with Israel's Prime Minister in which he will urge against a premature strike on the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities.
His remarks came after a wave of strikes threatened to paralyze the country in the wake of Mubarak's fall, prompting the military leadership to urge against - though not prohibit - further protests and civil disobedience.
Saying sorry is never easy and in the corporate world legal advisors will always urge against admitting error as those few simple words could cost a company a great deal of money.
Prince Ghazi cited some Holy Quran verses and speeches by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that urge against sabotaging or polluting environment.