urge upon

See: propose, tender
References in classic literature ?
And when Mrs Verloc, as if startled suddenly out of a dream of safety, began to urge upon him wildly the necessity of an immediate flight on the Continent, he did not exclaim in the least.
'Mamma would appear to have had an indefinable foreboding of what afterwards happened, for she would frequently urge upon me, "Not a little man.
"I will not ask you to take the oath, because you have not been regularly summoned; but I trust there is no need to urge upon you the gravity of the statement you are about to make."
I know that I do not need to urge upon you the necessity for haste."
Von Horn during this time continued to urge upon Virginia the necessity for a prompt and favorable decision in the matter of his proposal; but when it came time to face the issue squarely the girl found it impossible to accede to his request--she thought that she loved him, but somehow she dared not say the word that would make her his for life.
'It is therefore responsibility of every sane world player to save the region's stability and urge upon New Delhi to shun its stubbornness and come out with a vibrant political attitude so that the longest pending dispute on the agenda of UNSC can be resolved amicably', the Front's top leader - Deputy Chairman Altaf Hussain Wani urged this in a statement issued here.
He urge upon Muslim Ummah to come forward to help Palestinian people who are suffering from severe human crises in occupied territories.
I urge upon him to lend financial help so I can undergo the proper surgical procedure for vision recovery.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi has demanded of the international community to urge upon India to help resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir dispute through dialogue with Pakistan.
We urge upon the Chief Justice of Pakistan to delegate powers to the local government organization under article 140 of the constitution of the country he said.
Earlier, a party had tried to urge upon the-then Narasimha Government and the-then United Front Government that provision of maximum autonomy is the only way you can go towards a political settlement," said Karat.
Much more than just another biography of Lincoln, this audiobook provides an excellent base from which the listener can see parallels that urge upon us the need know our history.