urgent request

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William, looking with his cold glance on Cornelius, listened to his anxious and urgent request.
You must know that I had been engaged on the same sort of work yesterday, and that, while executing it, I had been approached by Timothei Ivanovitch with an urgent request for a particular document.
I have been myself to your Brigadier-General and bought home this report, and if it is any satisfaction to you to know it, I brought also an urgent request that you should not be allowed to rejoin any part of the force under his control."
The two smaller children sang together, and Rebecca, at the urgent request of Mrs.
When I reached London I found waiting for me an urgent request that I should go to Mrs.
Rook at Emily's urgent request. Before his departure, he had an interview with his sister.
The news had been brought, toward the decline of a day in midsummer, by an Indian runner, who also bore an urgent request from Munro, the commander of a work on the shore of the "holy lake," for a speedy and powerful reinforcement.
Moreover, my most weighty and urgent request has been disregarded.
I got it into my foolish head that I loved this man, and at his urgent request I ran away with him.
His voice was hollow and tremulous as he took me aside, and in broken words recounted a long catalogue of sickness and privations, terminating as usual with an urgent request for the loan of a trifling sum of money.
But it was designed to accommodate a few lodgers on board terms, and had beer) taken a few months since, much to the disgust of Gania, at the urgent request of his mother and his sister, Varvara Ardalionovna, who longed to do something to increase the family income a little, and fixed their hopes upon letting lodgings.
The modern spirit of haste was loudly vocal in the orders to "Heave away on the cable"--to "Lower the side- ladder," and in urgent requests to me to "Come along, sir!