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Tyrrell had been the CLP's oil, gas and general big-development urger.
Celebrating more than 100 years of service, Urger is a shining example of New York's rich maritime history, as well as a great ambassador for education along the canal system.
a propositos de ilustracion Raible (1992: 33): "In dem Satz Aus urger (uber X) schlagt der Baucr seinen Esel' ist das Syntagma ausflrger interpretierbar als die integrativere Version etwa cines weil er sich (uber X) geargert hatte.
Urger communities are likely to select more projects because they have the resources to be successful.
NEA Today staff writer Diane Dismuke recently caught up with the peripatetic Heat-Moon in Lockport, New York, as he prepared to traverse the Erie Canal on the tugboat Urger, gathering material for his latest book.
The 2k is a greatr eventv and I look forwarwdr to starting it and I urger everv yor ne to come and join us.