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Sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviours occur in response to anxiety, depression, boredom, irritability or stressful life events
Acting on urges often gets in the way of our longer-term goals.
Overall, subjects reported higher and more volatile smoking urges on days when alcohol was consumed.
"We also urge Congress to reinstate expired consumer and business energy-efficiency tax incentives, such as those included in the recently introduced Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act of 2008 to provide immediate relief to Americans reeling from rising energy prices."
Urges lawmakers to include community residents in decision-making about neighborhood design features such as crosswalks, bicycle lanes and quality of sidewalks.
1984 Nothing could have prepared him for his role in the most controversial television placed back into the community and struggling to control his vile urges.
We urge EPA to stick with their proposal not to require such notification.
The missive came in response to recent efforts to urge the SBC to adopt resolutions calling on church members to pull their children out of the public schools.
Hence, we urge the new Government to include these proposals in its first budget message.
After describing the sanction and disciplinary proceeding provisions in proposed Sections 10.50-10.82 as "extremely difficult to follow and to understand[,]" the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) (27) urges the IRS to clarify the conduct that may subject practitioners to censure, suspension or disbarment.
Constitution that would extend Fourteenth Amendment protections to fetuses, urges the reversal of Roe v.
Those analyses should help provide a better understanding of the role of urges in both treatment and treatment outcome (Monti et al.