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Sergeant Mark Jones said: "Insecure and secure properties have been targeted over the past weeks and while our investigations are on-going we are urging householders to be vigilant.
The following letter was sent to the Ministers of Finance of the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan - all of which have chosen not to harmonize their respective provincial sales tax with the federal Goods and Services Tax - urging them to continue their dialogue with the federal government with the long-term objective of establishing a single national sales tax.
Lynn also wrote directly to Jordan, urging him to do the right thing and step down.
WEST Midlands Fire is urging people to be careful as they rustle up a feast for Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday and Valentine's Day.
"As we head towards summer, people might not be thinking about their central heating, but in light of the grant increase we're really urging them to," said Hayley Peters, Warm Front's director of operations at eaga.
Urging the IRS to maintain the current practice of requesting confidential information upon audit, TEI offered two alternatives: (i) modify Form W-2 to add an additional letter code (e.g., corporate officer designation), which would enable the IRS to match the information; or (ii) parallel the SEC's approach by treating a consolidated group of companies as one entity for Schedule E purposes and request compensation data (excluding social security numbers) for the top five corporate officers.
In the past, for example, the union has leafleted tenants urging them not to pay rent during a strike.
State legislators need to be contacted to introduce and support resolutions urging Congress to pass the Constitution Restoration Act.
The Catholic bishops, on the other hand, are urging the Maltese to remain steadfast in their appreciation and defence of human life from conception onwards and refuse all exceptions.
An ecumenical health care network is urging Canadian Christians to sign a petition urging the federal government's National Health Council to begin the work of involving Canadians in the creation of a Health Covenant.
An inspiring DAV television public service announcement (PSA) urging employers to hire disabled veterans look top honors in the 25th Annual Telly Awards, which honors commercials, videos, and programs in broad casting.
As the rider moved quickly through Congress, we wrote a set of letters to Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman and Interior Secretary Gale Norton urging them to open up the process of developing national guidelines for implementing the new stewardship contracting provisions.