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On March 23, TEI sent a letter to the Canadian Minister of Finance urging the government to abandon proposed legislation affecting foreign investment entities.
In early January, church leaders including Archbishop Michael Peers (then-primate of the Anglican Church of Canada) wrote to Prime Minister Paul Martin urging him to enact a Health Covenant which, they noted, the Romanow Commission had made its first recommendation.
The PSA was broadcast in 2002 on television stations throughout America, urging employers to hire disabled veterans.
To their considerable credit, the state's voters ignored the pleas of Republican leaders such as Arizona Senator John McCain, and the state's Democratic Governor, Janet Napolitano, urging them to vote down the measure.
Boyle sent a letter to Representative William Thomas, Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, and Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, urging that several of the revenue offset provisions in S.
The Presidential Public Financing Reform Project of which the LWV is a partner, is urging all candidates for election to the U.
On July 28, Americans United swung into action again and filed another complaint with the IRS charging that Falwell was effectively urging other churches to flout federal tax law.