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In fact, physical therapy is often a first line treatment for children experiencing urinary incontinence symptoms.
Urinary incontinence has a profound impact on quality of life and can cause social separation, sexual dysfunction, and may have psychological consequences.
Moreover, the costs are significant; in 2001, the cost for urinary incontinence in the United States was $16.
Question 4 of the ICIQ-SF addresses the type of urinary incontinence.
Urinary incontinence affects approximately 35 percent of the female population.
While there have been a number of studies including urinary incontinence within multifactorial analyses of falls risk, there have been few studies of urinary incontinence as an individual risk factor for falls.
Stress incontinence is one of the most common forms of urinary incontinence, particularly in women.
Urinary incontinence severity was classified as slight, moderate, or severe based on responses to the Sandvik incontinence severity index.
Familial risk of urinary incontinence in women: population based cross sectional study.
The women, all of whom had urinary incontinence, ranged from 36 to 84 years old.
The numbers vary, but high percentages of residents are incontinent, even though urinary incontinence is not necessarily a normal part of aging.

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