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11) The evidence for PFMT is limited for mixed incontinence; nevertheless, a recent systematic review found that women treated with PMFT (for at least three months) are significantly more likely to have improvement or complete resolution of their urinary incontinence, even with mixed incontinence.
The incidence of urinary incontinence after orthotopic neobladder is related to the postoperative evaluation time, age of patients, method of surgery, and whether there is intraoperative preservation of nerves.
Traditionally, Caucasian women are believed to have higher rates of urinary incontinence than women of other races.
Pelvic floor muscle training has been found to be an effective method in the prevention and reduction of urinary incontinence during pregnancy as well as post-partum (Hay-Smith et al.
A review of the Urinary Incontinence products under development by companies and universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources
Urinary incontinence interferes with physical, social, and role functioning of the older adult.
Urinary incontinence has a profound impact on quality of life and can cause social separation, sexual dysfunction, and may have psychological consequences.
Moreover, the costs are significant; in 2001, the cost for urinary incontinence in the United States was $16.
Mental health status plays an important role in patients with urinary incontinence.
Coverage of the Urinary Incontinence pipeline on the basis of route of administration and molecule type.
To better understand why advancing age is linked with urinary incontinence, Fritel and colleagues studied a population of 1,942 urban-dwelling French women aged 75 to 85 years (mean age, 79.

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