urinated on police car

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Country: Canada
State: Quebec

While I was in university (1998), after having drunk too much I urinated on a police car and subsequently was charged by the Quebec Provincial Police in She Brooke, P.Q., with several offenses (not sure at present what they were, specifically; I believe it was resisting arrest, indecent public act, etc.). I was not convicted on any of these charges and have since never had any charges against me. I have been living/working internationally since 2001 and will soon be moving to a new job in Hong Kong. As part of the job I must attain several local securities trading licenses and, as such, must declare if I have ever been charged with or convicted of an offense. As this was a one-time occurence and was seveal years ago, I am hoping to remove any record of my charges so that I can answer 'No' to this question. Is this possible? If so, how can I go about do this? I must submit these forms in the next 4 weeks.


If you were not convicted then you may answer no to conviction...and as to charges you may as a first step call the staff of the court that was involved to see if it is possible to have it sealed, expunged, cleared etc.The staff will normally know, and will often help direct you if it is indeed possible.
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