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Performance and usability testing have traditionally been very difficult and time-consuming for organizations.
Overall, 557 reports (0.03 percent) had language that explicitly indicated that EHR usability contributed to possible patient harm.
Most of the time, specific heuristics will work better as it is completed by specific usability checklists.
These factors include but not limited to trust (Yousafzai et al., 2003), perceived risk (Raza and Hanif, 2012), security, usability (Perkins and Annan, 2013), innovativeness, familiarity and awareness (Dixit and Datta, 2010).
Therefore, websites usability testing is necessary (Eriksson & Akesson, 2007; Rosenblatt, 2008; Jokela et al., 2003; Abdullah & Wei, 2008).
Usability refers to ease of use and usefulness in achieving a desired goal.
With the rapid development of the mobile applications, usability of mobile applications is in the focus of the software usability researches.
The following research question guided the study: How can a usability evaluation framework designed for constructivist online courses be used to support the needs of social constructivist online courses?
Addressing usability when developing a web portal for data access is relatively inexpensive, increases a site's use and user satisfaction, and reflects positively on the organization hosting the site.
Heuristic evaluations are an industry standard set of usability parameters to evaluate existing products, usually with a numeric form.
Most researches on user interface and usability such as Nielsen's [6] rules on interface design gives a general guideline on how the interface of an application should be designed.