use violence

See: coerce, force
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IJT militants, at the same time, claim to be more civilized, religious minded, disciplined and more qualified to rule the universities and they always use violence as a tool to intimidate their opponents.
I treat all Tunisians on equal footing, provided that they do not use violence or impose their views by force," underlined Marzouki.
Sheldon Wolin argues that Machiavelli counsels us to use violence in an economical fashion, which reduces the number of instances in which it must be applied (1960, 222).
Max Weber's more forceful reformulation and bolstering of Machiavelli's worldview argues that those who refuse to use violence in politics reject an ethics of responsibility for the results of their actions (1958).
He sets out to describe how rulers can use violence in a way that is attentive to human needs and proclivities.
Having raised and conveyed the complexity of the problem, Machiavelli sets out to explain how to use violence.
At play here is Borgia's ability to use violence against the population by way of his minister, and then deflect responsibility for it by indulging their desire for revenge.
The founders are able to win people over without violence but then use violence to make them hold fast to their belief in the new order.
Under the terms of the injunction, Byrne was banned from threatening to use violence against his named neighbours or any person living at or visiting their home.
But the survey also shows there is a group of people that could potentially be recruited to use violence against others on behalf of religion.
This view, which grows out of the Catholic approach to just war theory, puts such a severe burden of proof on those who would use violence that this becomes a form of "pacifism in practice.