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His lameness prevented him from taking much exercise; but a mind of usefulness and ingenuity seemed to furnish him with constant employment within.
It would destroy my usefulness," continued the other hotly.
It is true, as has been before observed that facts, too stubborn to be resisted, have produced a species of general assent to the abstract proposition that there exist material defects in our national system; but the usefulness of the concession, on the part of the old adversaries of federal measures, is destroyed by a strenuous opposition to a remedy, upon the only principles that can give it a chance of success.
Here were a phial of some salt, and the record of a series of experiments that had led (like too many of Jekyll's investigations) to no end of practical usefulness.
That seemed to be my only chance of usefulness in life.
According to a notice published in the local dailies on Wednesday, the county said that the park is scheduled to undergo improvements in a bid to enhance its usefulness to the visitors always frequenting it.
It is indicated in this model that system use will be based on perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness.
Furthermore, perceived ease of use (PEOU) and perceived usefulness (PU) has a positive important direct influence on the behavioral intention to use mobile banking services in Yemen.
This research investigates the effect of green perceived value, perceived ease of use, and green perceived usefulness on using intentions, and discusses the mediation constructs of perceived ease of use and green perceived usefulness for green transportation consciousness.
Under the TAM theory, this attitude is determined by the two critical variables of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use [6].
The results highlighted that students utilize their time on social networking sites with the intent of its usefulness in their education (specifically in higher education).
I AM saddened and ashamed to be part of a race that decides who lives and who dies depending on its usefulness to mankind.