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'Kung wala iyon, wala tayong...wala...wala kang ibibigay na, 'Anong basis ninyo bakit kayo nandito.' Kaya hindi rin useless,' he added.
'I believe they will agree with me that we should increase the tax more than 6 per cent on these useless places,' he said in Bahasa Malaysia.
One viewer tweeted: "Did any one else just here a whispered "she's useless isn't she" when breakfast came back after ad break."
In response to his suggestion - yes, actually, I do have more faith in the "EU cartel", as he refers to them, than I do in Messrs Johnson, Fox, Davis and Gove etc., who have shown themselves to be duplicitous, self-aggrandising and useless. I really do despair if Mr Rogers has faith in someone who can get away with saying "f*** business" - has he so little concern for the workers at Airbus, Siemens, Jaguar Land Rover etc?
WELL played by the staff at a food bank in Fife, who shamed the author of a poison pen calling users "useless, lazy" people.
Normally wind turbines are useless in usual winter conditions.
Headteacher Jackie Conway said the stolen laptops are "networked" to the school and will not work outside school grounds - rendering them useless.
Whether male or female, the anchorperson needs to be garrulous, vociferous and have an even more raucous voice during the heated exchange of words between the useless politicians and panelists.
During the processing of wheat, the separation of the grain and chaff produces straw as a useless by-product.
Useless Bay combines the perfect proportions of mystery and mysticism in this absorbing missing-person story.
When he became Labour leader last year he was totally useless. This year he's been merely useless.