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Conway "The thing is, they are absolutely useless to anyone as they are all networked to our school, so it was a complete waste of time.
Avoid saying that they are useless and can be thrown away.
another unit of the army will detonate useless ammunition in the Terbol detonation field in Tripoli.
I am so mechanically averse that if I get a flat tire (the changing of which is useless skill No.
Divestment Old and Useless Rolling Stock Metrics line is deposited in various stations in the network Peloponnese, as in the attached table of six (6) pages, one hundred sixty-six (166) Vehicles - budgeted kg tare 2521800.
That way his beloved capitalists can take over the running of the country and he can then write letters to praise the wonderful job they are doing, instead of letters making sweeping, general rants about how useless everyone in public service actually is.
Valuing useless knowledge; an anthropological inquiry into the meaning of liberal education, 2d ed.
Summary: The Future parliamentary bloc of Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Tuesday that Hezbollah's comments calling the discussion of a national defense strategy premature render National Dialogue useless.
Summary: Arsene Wenger maintains it is useless for anyone to suggest Arsenal are ready to sell captain Cesc Fabregas this summer.
To a civilian bayonets are just about as useless as swords, which today are perhaps the most useless of all edged weapons.
They are all but useless in freezing cold weather when the wind doesn't usually blow at all - the very time when we all need energy, particularly if you're an emperor wearing no clothes.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi National Alliance's (INA) threat to join a coalition with other blocs is a useless media message, said Ali al-Adeeb, a leading figure of the Dawlat al-Qanoon Alliance.