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Spending money is a problem, especially when they are people's money but the problem of spending our time uselessly is also a problem.
Gwyn stands in the little toilet, just the toilet bowl looking up at him, the tiny frosted window open on its hinges as if half blinking uselessly at the street outside, his mother's can of air freshener, and the pile of magazines set there to get him through the boredom of constipation, and that's all.
"Thoughts and prayers" fell uselessly upon ears deafened by gunshot and hearts numb to their meaning.
And two older detectives in the precinct's bullpen aren't hard-boiled and street-wise--rather, they uselessly bumble through desk work, counting the days until they can retire and collect their pensions.
Our sisters are uselessly molested, but all what we could do is to close our eyes because there is need to stay alive, most of the things I thought never happened was brought to my very self' he concluded.
In relevant remarks on Thursday, IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari blasted French President Emmanuel Macron for his remarks against Iran, stressing that the western states are uselessly attempting to persuade Tehran to hold talks about its missile and defense power.
Meanwhile, the drivers of BMW and Jaguar saloons will be sitting at the bottom of the hill with their wheels spinning uselessly.
When I managed to sleep, I'd unconsciously tear the whole thing off my face and awaken to find it whooshing uselessly on the floor.
Those multibuy deals on jam, the uselessly shaped cake tins and the cut price, overstocked fruit - it's like they were all put there for me.
That might be useful now and then, but the real comfort of an onroad 4x4 like the Swift is the knowledge you'll get to places when the weather turns nasty that leaves the drivers of BMW and Jaguar saloons sitting at the bottom of the hill with their wheels spinning uselessly.
it was obvious most of the tested loads would place 3 shots very close to the minute-of-angle standard with which we are all so familiar, and which is uselessly precise in a rifle intended for hunting dangerous game where shots might not exceed 40 yards!
In late-stage capitalism's worldview, Victor would be labeled a "loser." However, since the capitalist society in the comic is populated by isolated individuals who uselessly try to make sense of their world and the difficulties in their life via consumerism, media entertainment, counseling, or drugs, Victor's hallucinations and his inability to fit in become more an expression of him being aware of the irrationality of his culture.