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The very first hour of the day is shrouded in emptiness and uselessness expressed in the first paragraph.
Uselessness is not merely a threat, it is a reality.
Butt one recent night a "visitor" to the area, a whacked-out, drugged-up psychopath, crept into a nearby home at random and committed a horrific assault, stabbing one victim until the blade of his cheap knife bent into uselessness. It was an aberration; the neighbors slipped back into somnolence.
Admitting the uselessness of the daylight saving programme initiated earlier, the government has decided to have different office hours during winter and summer time, hoping to save more energy than was done during daylight saving program.
Dogan had made the statement about the uselessness of morals in politics as a reply to a question if it was right for a politician like him to pocket huge consulting fees for a hydro-power project such as "Tsankov Kamak."
ONCE again Brian Christley warns us of the uselessness of the wind farms that are slowly encircling us.
For Pope Pius VI, however, Joseph II's policy of religious toleration and his plans for church reform, which included placing the Church under state control and suppressing the contemplative orders due to their "uselessness" for the common good, were a serious threat.
"Our perception from the atmosphere of the talks is that the 5+1 has realized the uselessness of the pressure-negotiation dual track strategy," Jalili said in a meeting with the Chinese team of negotiators after the first round of talks in Geneva.
Ryskulova said at the press conference in Bishkek today about eight tons of Georgian humanitarian aid after reports of its uselessness and expired medicines was unpacked in the presence of a special commission."There were medical instruments of 1960-70s, some covered with rust and not suitable for use.
Once the hoo-haa surrounding the World Cup in South Africa has died down, the lasting impression left by the tournament will be the utter uselessness of the sport's so-called global superstars.
Uselessness is the purview of the very young and very old whose gift is the finding out of these reservoirs--even time falls off the edges, unrelated to anything and especially not to you.
She needn't have worried, being as unlikely to catch a cold as she was any of the curly-tailed critters which, thanks to her great big flapping uselessness, were last seen escaping towards the tree-line.