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Figure 1) User issues with the traditional file system paradigm include the following:
Remote access involves more than a straight link between a remote user and a digital library.
Rather, to access them, users need only have their computer modems call the modem of the BBS, and the process is more or less automated from there.
Seen by other computers simply as another hard drive and providing the same accessibility as the host's native hard drive, the user has complete access to all their data without risking a shared virus or leaving any other unwanted files on the host.
Is the highest quality, most accurate, and complete records management achieved within an enterprise when the desktop end user is minimally involved in records management decisions?
CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives are perfect for performing a quick, reliable backup of user data.
If you decide you no longer want the workbook to be shared, uncheck Allow changes by more than one user at the same time on the Editing tab of the Share Workbook dialog box (exhibit 1).
User Identification: an anonymous user code assigned by the Web server;
Finally, the program could not allow users to "beat the system.