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PROVISION, com. law. The property which a drawer of a bill of exchange places in the hands of a drawee; as, for example, by remittances, or when the drawee is indebted to the drawer when the bill becomes due, provision is said to have been made. Acceptance always presumes a provision. See Code de Comm. art. 115, 116, 117.

PROVISION, French law. An allowance granted by a judge to a party for his support; which is to be paid before there is a definitive judgment. In a civil case, for example, it is an allowance made to a wife who is separated from her husband. Dict. de Jurisp. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Identity Manager delivers superior integrated user provisioning, password management and identity synchronization services.
“The main challenges that will stop schools from utilizing the Student Advantage program are related to identity management, user provisioning, licensing, and password synchronization.
We are committed to innovation, which is why our solutions for user provisioning, self-service group management, IT compliance management, automatic group management, enterprise password management and enterprise risk management continue to meet and exceed the selection criteria."
administrators can automate user provisioning, the most crucial task in IAM, as
Gartner divides the IdM vendor space into three broad categories: single sign on, user provisioning, and Web access management, and publishes Magic Quadrants on each.
Compliance remains an important driver across many segments, particularly user provisioning, security information and event management (SIEM) and mobile data protection.
The enterprise security software market formed by segments such as endpoint protection platform, email security boundary and user provisioning is predicted to account for US$10.9 billion, reaching 9% growth in 2009.
As a result of the integration users will be able to take advantage of synchronised presence; the ability to exchange instant messages between the two systems through a common enterprise-wide user directory; and simplified administration for user provisioning between both systems.
In addition, SAP and Novell announced a collaboration within the SAP Enterprise Services Community program, hosted by SAP, to strengthen customers' governance, risk and compliance practices by supporting business access risk policies to user provisioning activities.
Having both multi-level workflow and strong application integration capabilities are essential components of a user provisioning product," said Roberta Witty, research director at Gartner, Inc.
In the new version it will also have what partners characterized as rudimentary user provisioning features.

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