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Look at what being user-friendly has done to hospitals, where making patients happy replaced making them safe.
The User-Friendly Phone Book features a clear-cut format with large type, easy-to-find information, colorful tabs for speedy reference, local menu guides, and informative community pages to help users find the numbers they need - quickly, effortlessly and directly.
It proves our theory that The User-Friendly Phone Book attracts users quickly, no matter what the brand or how long the other directories have been in the market.
0 provides improved user-friendly features and functions for lenders and provides them with a more streamlined integrated process for ordering and receiving customized loan documents," said Terry King, group chairman of MRG.
The mobile phone clearly offers a compelling opportunity for brands to connect with their customers, but until now no one has offered the broad ad presentation options, precision targeting and user-friendly delivery mechanism required to take full advantage of this advertising channel," said Jen Grenz, Global Partner Marketing Director for ShoZu.
The HYBRID batteries are also user-friendly because they work in all NiMH chargers and are suitable for use in any device.
The B4545 MFP offers outstanding value in a single device, with seamless network integration and user-friendly design that enable small businesses to operate at larger workgroup levels.
We chose Dynamic Card Solutions' instant issue technology for these reasons plus its user-friendly process.
As a result, customers experience a more flexible, user-friendly solution that enables the industry's most rapid time-to-value in delivering digital information navigation, enterprise mash-ups, and federated search.
They provide users with user-friendly reporting and advanced analytics and are freely available to the user community.
Financial institutions, online retailers and military organizations need to authenticate their customers in a user-friendly, secure, reliable and cost-effective manner - a challenge which Cogneto aims to address.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- The User-Friendly Phone Book (UFPB), a leading independent yellow page directory publisher, is currently distributing 850,000 copies of its first Cleveland, Ohio directory, offering businesses and residents a superior product that will help them find information they need quickly, effortlessly and directly.