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Tenders are invited for Four Legged Executive Chair Heavy Usuage.
Qatar is leading the way when it comes to internet usuage within developing countries, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) has reported.
Smartphone Usuage Continues to Grow in US, According to Forester Research.
Explore how the CRM industry is evolving through usuage of Commercial Open Source applications to drive top-line revenues while controlling costs.
Instead, minimal usuage could be due to time constraints (a minimal amount of time to use the internet, thus a more focused session, only on email, was undertaken), or habitual usage (that is, a regular check of one's email).
Production properties and usuage of polychlorinated biphenyls.
A bit better usuage of the ball by Lee Jarvis, who generally had a pretty sound game and rattled up 21 points through five penalties and two drop-goals, and they might have scored more tries.
The results suggest that as the percentage of food consumed away from home (FAFH) expenditure increases, usage of soybean-rapeseed oils, palm oil, fish oil, and rice bran-corn-cottonseed oils tend to increase, whereas usuage of hog grease-beef tallow and butter tends to decrease.
Television usuage accounted for about eight percent of quantitative literacy variance.
Statistical significance between the utility and nonutility groups' usuage of a characteristic at the 1% level based on a t-test for a binomial distribution: t = ([p.
would shun his [sic] presence, and the very dog seek a safe retreat from the rude usuage [sic] of their beastly master.
Among the hints on how to recognize toll fraud: increased inbound 800 traffic, increased outbound traffic to any numbers, 700, 800, 900 or direct-dial to domestic or international locations; SMDR reports indicating multiple attempts to enter invalid authorization codes; an excessive number of hang-ups or phantom calls; unidentifiable voice messages; high usuage at odd hours.