usual way

References in classic literature ?
Thousands gathered round him daily to watch him do these things, just as you watch the peacocks, and they screamed with delight when he lifted the crusts they flung him with his hands instead of in the usual way with the mouth.
And, in short, from knowing his usual ways, I am very much inclined to think that it was for their accommodation the carriage was used at all.
Yesterday, contrary to his usual ways, he outstayed the last man in the office; such a thing hasn't happened three times since he has been at the ministry.
The combination of connecting with another human being who draws on unique experiences and patterns of thought unknown to me and having my usual way of thinking challenged and sometimes shattered is among life's most powerful experiences.
The usual way to build a non-breaking story is to get the "domes,' as they're sometimes called in the trade (egg-head is no longer in usage)--the professors and thoughtful practitioners who have puffed on their pipes and thought about the weighty issues.
But major insurers are buying into the idea because the usual ways they control costs by negotiating rates with hospitals or cutting their own expenses have a limited impact, said Standard & Poor's analyst Deep Banerjee.
We use the usual ways to kill rats and other rodents.
But when I slowly progress, get into it and get used to my teammates, I'm sure I'll be in there and back to my usual ways and enjoying my football.
DAB radio and sat nav are included, plus the usual ways of hooking your smartphone up to a car.
By speaking in the first person singular I can make statements about myself, answer questions, and engage in reasoning that bypasses the usual ways and normal methods of discovery.
Moreover, because a companion essay follows each of the poems, we become privy to Burt's critical mind while he illuminates how every poem lets us "imagine someone else's interior life, almost as if it were or could have been ours" and the myriad forms in which "it can reveal, or upend, the assumptions and habits that go without saying when we use language in less usual ways.
North's record is impressive and her comments are frank and enlightening; at times, they might be viewed as "disruptive" to the professions more usual ways of thinking.