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USUFRUCTUARY, civil law. One who has the right and enjoyment of an usufruct.
     2. Domat, with his usual clearness, points out the duties of the usufructuary, which are, 1. To make an inventory of the things subject to the usufruct, in the presence of those having an interest in them. 2. To give security for their restitution; when the usufruct shall be at an end. 3. To take good care of the things subject to the usufruct. 4. To pay all taxes, and claims which arise while the thing is in his possession, as a ground-rent. 5. To keep the thing in repair at his own expense. Lois Civ. liv. 1, t. 11, s. 4. See Estate for life.

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When the laws of occupation apply, the notion of trust is encompassed by the usufructuary nature of the occupier's authority.
Research on and discussion surrounding the establishment of water rights has emphasized that usufructuary rights include both the right to use and the right to derive profit from water resources.
precise delineation of usufructuary boundaries and authorized modes of
Justice Dickson identified two lines of authority, which characterize Aboriginal title as either a "beneficial interest" in land, or a personal, usufructuary right.
For immovable water resources, Israel's usufructuary right enables only the use of resources to the extent existing at the beginning of the occupation, within the confines of normal use in the area.
Households held usufructuary rights, and in many cases, this interest was passed on to successors.
Fellagha "robbers, bandits" is not from Arabic fallaq but a French corruption of fallaha "farmers"; gish "In Morocco, public domain, land subject to usufructuary rights" is of course not gass "stony place" but Arabic gays "army," in Moroccan pronunciation gis, originally a kind of feudal organization (see Enclyclopaedia of Islam, s.
The Government has declared the land to be publicly owned but it will enable indigenous people and international investors to have usufructuary land.
Although these are statements about use rights, not tenure per se, they represent aspects of the formalisation of usufructuary rights within estates which may be held by those who do not claim the estates as their own.
The right may be usufructuary or possessory, depending on whether it is based on past consumption or permitted title (McCormick, 1994).
The only usufructuary of this situation is the consumer.
Contracts conferring ownership - usufructuary contracts - contracts of work - contracts of hazard - contracts of personal guarantee