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The DPO said police had also contacted Faisalabad police and looking all other possible aspects of the case to see whether it was actually just a joke that scared many and triggered heavy police deployment, an attempt to usurp money and prize bonds or something more sinister.
Japan's telecommunications market is continuing to consolidate as the larger alternative fixed-line, broadband, and wireless operators and service providers seek to usurp the market dominance of NTT and KDDI.
Russia's Vladimir Putin is facing new protests challenging his victory in a presidential election he said had prevented the country from falling into the hands of enemies trying to usurp power.
And Haysbert may just usurp his former ``24'' co-star Kiefer Sutherland for the title of TV's most unflappable tough guy.
With the help of the sapient horses, the pre-teen boy and girl escape a death planned by an evil relative, who is eager to usurp the throne of a dying king.
The statement claimed the amendment was an attempt by the legislature to usurp powers from the Governor and an effort by "an already dysfunctional legislature to secure more power.
When we try to create "relevant" experiences for them, we usurp a role that belongs to God, and all they end up with is the warm fuzziness that the Monsignor complains is all too prevalent in our schools today.
These newcomers are beginning to usurp the position of the established firms.
He said that ZA Bhutto was removed to usurp peoples rights and deprive the countrys from democracy.
It's a shame these Democrats, who complain the president is trying to usurp power from the other branches of government, won't admit that is exactly what the court did in Roe v.