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The illegal encroachment or assumption of the use of authority, power, or property properly belonging to another; the interruption or disturbance of an individual in his or her right or possession.

The term usurpation is also used in reference to the unlawful assumption or seizure of sovereign power, in derogation of the constitution and rights of the proper ruler.

See: arrogation, assumption, distress, infringement

USURPATION, torts. The unlawful assumption of the use of property which belongs to another; an interruption or the disturbing a man in his right and possession. Toml. Law Dict. h.t.
     2. According to Lord Coke, there are two kinds of usurpation. 1. When a stranger, without right, presents to a church, and his clerk is admitted; and, 2. When a subject uses a franchise of the king without lawful authority. Co. Litt. 277 b.

USURPATION, government. The tyrannical assumption of the government by force contrary to and in violation of the constitution of the country.

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With the manifestation, Calida asked the SC to stop the scheduled arraignment of Aquino, Purisima and Napenas before the Sandiganbayan on February 15 on Usurpation of official functions under Article 177 of the Revised Penal Code and violation of Section 3(a) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.
Acquisitive prescription, or usurpation, is defined in doctrine as the original way of acquiring property or other real rights over immovable property by possession by a person under the conditions and in the time prescribed by law [1].
This alleged agreement, which had excluded the other active organisations, was indeed "a usurpation of the Sahrawis' will" and a "manipulation" of history, Ould Souilem told EFE on Wednesday on the sidelines of a conference in the southern city of Dakhla to expose the separatists' agenda.
The strategy results not from presidential usurpation, but from the bishops' stepping into deep partisan political waters and drowning.
The first is our dichotomy as to whether mainstream medicine's usurpation of our practices is desirable or not.
Well, sorry, but if this is the sort of prose that makes one a 'legend' to the New York Times, these days, I can state with certainty that the truly great journalist/writers of the past- Lardner, Mencken, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Oscar Wilde- have little to fear in regards to usurpation of their laurels with this work.
As the Roman Catholic Church in Wales prepares to celebrate the 900th anniversary next year of its usurpation of the Celtic Church, it must be viewed with total disdainment that divorced women are allowed to accept Holy Communion.
It is my firm conviction that Supreme Court decisions which have led to the wanton slaughter of 40 million unborn babies; the removal of cherished religious truth from the classroom and the public square; the usurpation of the constitutional powers of our elected representatives.
The feathers symbolise the conquest and invasion of Wales, the violent usurpation of the Welsh throne by a non-Welsh monarchy and the feudal servitude and subservience of Welsh people ever since.
But Grotjahn's taste for the impermeable is hardly delivered straight from the shoulder; a perverse formalism is his delicious decoy, both an homage to and usurpation of (by now amply deconstructed) modernist tactics.
The antebellum years witnessed the gradual usurpation of healing by a new corps of formally trained physicians who grounded their legitimacy in science, not nature.