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Accusing the BJP of disrespecting the people's mandate, Rahul said, "With just 2 seats, the BJP has usurped power in Meghalaya, through a proxy.
The accused would be produced before the NAB court on Thursday for their physical remand for investigations and recovery of usurped amount.
The authority that Accused Purisima allegedly usurped ultimately pertains to President Aquino himself.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The war media cell declared that the leaders of / Daash / terrorists evacuate homes that they usurped in Mosul.
President of the Council of Butel Municipality, Bobi Bojcevski said that the construction location was usurped and they won't stop protesting until there are conditions for constructing the cross.
Richard's brother next usurped the throne as Edward IV.
People in power have usurped more than 100,000 jeribs of public land in the west of the country.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Mutahidoun Bloc MP Wihda al-Jumaili stated that "one year elapsed for the popular protests proved its peaceful intentions and they are looking for their usurped constitutional rights".
Bethlehem: August 23 -- (BNA) A group of Israeli settlers began today plowing Palestinian farmlands which they had unlawfully usurped in al-Khader Township.
Manama: Kuwait police are looking for a blogger who usurped the identity of a Kuwaiti woman and set up a highly controversial Twitter account.
A Bhutto and usurped peoples rights by enforcing Marshall Law.
The suit also argues that the MSA usurped the federal government's authority over interstate commerce by regulating the national cigarette market and its fiscal authority by imposing what amounts to a nationwide cigarette tax.