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Abbas, whose presidential term expired in early 2009, "must be tried for usurping power," deputy Palestinian speaker Ahmed Bahar told a news conference in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.
We do not have any intention of usurping the power of the MCD.
A new study now shows that this alien form of Caulerpa taxifolia may do damage beyond usurping floor space.
By issuing a report which adds this good-for-nothing creature to its endangered species list but sidesteps whether its numbers have truly declined, and usurping the role of the Army Corps of Engineers, state and local agencies (who have authority over the wetlands), the Fish & Wildlife Service makes the Endangered Species Act into a travesty that merely lends fuel to efforts to dismantle the Act in its entirety.
Most observers--supporters and critics alike--also interpret "parental rights" laws to mean that parents would have complete control over the content of public-school curricula, testing, and so forth, thus usurping the existing authority of teachers, school boards, and state and federal policymaking bodies.
Carlos Isagani Zarate and other complainants seeking to reverse a March 3 Ombudsman resolution that spared the former president from charges of usurping legislative powers through DAP.
On the other hand, Israeli-occupation forces expanded today the boundaries of Nevi Daniel Settlement usurping 3000 acres of Palestinians lands in Khudair Village in south Bethlehem.
He also instituted the death penalty for usurping any public office without the people's consent and provided for tax relief for the very poor.
When McElheny reflects on the objects he breathes into being, fiction intrudes, usurping an unmediared, phenomenological experience of those oblects and redirecting their meanings.