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Complications observed with conservative method (medicinal treatment and or manual assistance/forced manual extraction were fetal metacarpal/metatarsal fractures and mandible fractures, emphysematous fetus due to failure to relieve, uterine trauma or rupture, uterine prolapse, obturator or sciatic nerve damage, uterine inertia, trauma vaginal tract and external genitalia, retained fetal membranes, septicemia, anorexia or death of mother.
Uterine inertia was corrected with combined therapy to increase myometrial activity using Oxytocin (50 I.
Similar results are found in this case wherein parturition was induced within 48 hours, using Valethamate bromide and calcium to accelerate the ripening of the cervix and uterine inertia.
As straining and relaxation of pelvic ligaments was not so prominent and there was a history of dystocia in previous calving, it was inferred that the case might be due to improper dilatation of cervix associated with uterine inertia.
On the basis of history and clinical observation, case was diagnosed as uterine inertia leading to cervical stenosis and decided to proceed further for induced parturition.
The two drugs most commonly recommended to treat uterine inertia, after fetal monitoring are Calcium and Oxytocin.
Caesarean section in hampshire crossbred sow due to uterine inertia.
Uterine inertia is responsible for 72% of dystocias in bitches (Darevelid and Forsberg, 1994).