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There was no significant difference between treatments for uterine involution at 10, 18 and 30 days postpartum (Figure 4A).
Ultrasonographic evaluation of uterine involution and postpartum follicular dynamics in french jennies.
Uterine involution and progesterone level during postpartum period in Barbary ewes in north Libya.
The clinical gynecological examination of the female allows us to understand postpartum uterine involution, a process that has a decisive influence on the presentation of uterine pathologies and the resumption of postpartum ovarian activity, and therefore, this is important to achieve adequate reproductive efficiency (5,6).
The events of calving, expulsion of fetal membranes and occurrence of postpartum reproductive disorder (PRD) including metritis, endometritis and delayed uterine involution, were observed during the course of one week prepartum to four weeks postpartum period.
During the immediate postpartum period, serum concentrations of [PGF.sub.2[alpha]] and its me tabolites are elevated and are thought to be related to the process of uterine involution (19).
Cell death and proliferation and its relation to collagen degradation in uterine involution of rat.
Bacterial complications of post-partum uterine involution in cattle.
The condition of a "reproductively healthy cow" has been described as a cow that reduce the time of uterine involution with the concurrent early resumption of postpartum ovarian activity and contribute to regulating the estrous cycle and ovulation (5).
Uterine involution of the dairy cow: Comparison between organic and conventional dairy cow.