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INSUFFICIENCY. What is not competent; not enough.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Gruetzmacher, "Uteroplacental insufficiency alters cerebral mitochondrial gene expression andDNA in fetal and juvenile rats," Pediatric Research, vol.
Uteroplacental insufficiency affects epigenetic determinants of chromatin structure in brains of neonatal and juvenile IUGR rats.
Uteroplacental insufficiency is the most common cause of prerenal oligohydramnios, and the decreased amniotic fluid is a direct result of decreased fetal renal perfusion.
It has been hypothesized that anxiety during pregnancy may be associated with fetal-placental insufficiency or uteroplacental insufficiency.
This shows that abnormal Doppler is associated with poor pregnancy outcome of uteroplacental insufficiency.
CONCLUSION: that abnormal uteroplacental vasculature and chronic uteroplacental insufficiency, coagulation related pathology in the uteroplacental, intervillous and fetoplacental vasculature and chronic inflammatory lesions may be primary disease processes related to the placental pathology of IUGR.
This can be attributed to asymetrical IUGR which accounts for 70-80% in which uteroplacental insufficiency (PIH) was the most common cause.