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USEFUL. That which may be put into beneficial practice.
     2. The patent act of congress of July 4, 1836, sect. 6, in describing the subjects of patents, mentions "new and useful art," and "new and useful improvement." To entitle the inventor to a patent, his invention must, to a certain extent, be beneficial to the community, and not be for an unlawful object, or frivolous, or insignificant. 1 Mason, 182; 1 Pet. C. C. R. 322; 1 Bald. 303; 14 Pick. 217; Paine, 203.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But here it is the utile that comes first to the fore, not the sculptural.
Il sera egalement utile aux intervenants et aux chercheurs qui desireront ameliorer leurs competences dans le domaine de l'evaluation d'interventions, et ce, qu'ils travaillent dans le secteur de la sante et des services sociaux ou d'autres domaines d'activites tels que l'education ou l'economie sociale, le modele du GRIS pouvant etre mis a l'epreuve dans une grande diversite de contextes.
So, can Bloor then be taken as a good example of the "utile" professional?
The utile power is computed for the point WP3 and the consumed power, for WP2.
He also held that iniquitous laws are not right, since even unjust law-givers themselves call a right (ius) only what derives from the fountainhead of justice (iustitia) and brand as false the opinion that a right (ius) is whatever is of advantage (utile) to the one in power.
Mediaset's main competitor; pubcaster RAI, recently launched two terrestrial digital channels: the culture-themed RAI Doc and the regionalized public service station RAI Utile.
It provides easy access to all the 250-acre camp has to offer, including more than a utile of waterfront access and a network of accessible nature trails.
Il procedimento sistematico, molto utile per la lettura (anche selettiva) del volume, cerca tuttavia di cogliere la molteplicita di Pasolini, collegando e mettendo in rilievo alcuni degli aspetti cruciali dell'opera.
Elle peut d'abord etre utile ; c'est la mobilite restreinte, au sens que lui donne Grinberg, dans la mesure ou l'origine et la destination, de meme que l'itineraire sont predefinis.
Trevor Creed, senior vice president, Product Design, points out such things as the trunk (which is not as utile as it might be given the boat-tail rear) and the center spine that bisects the vehicle right down the middle (assuming that you're looking at it from above): "No Europeans would do things like that."
With Camille Judith Claire, Cohen's publisher Denoel is inaugurating the series "Format Utile," dedicated to atypical literary work.