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Le primtre applicatif maintenir au titre du montant minimum sera constitu des applications initiales suivantes: SAGAI: Systme d~aide la Gestion des Anomalies et des Interventions, il est utilis pour transmettre des dpches de maintenance des installations fixes (escaliers mcaniques.
The 12 finalists advancing to Imagine H2O's 2017 accelerator are: Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK), AquaSeca, Arable Labs, EMAGIN, Flo Techologies, FREDSense, Hydromodel Host (Spain), Lotie Labs, PlutoAl, Sutro, Triple Bottom Line Enterprises (Ethiopia) and Utilis (Israel).
Cedrus deodara, Taxus wallichiana, Juglans regia, Pinus wallichiana, Celtis eriocarpa, and Betuia utilis had multiple uses, being widely used in manufacturing furniture, decoration pieces, and tool handles; in construction; and as fuel, fence, and medicines.
Betula Utilis Jacquemontii has sheer wow factor, eventually a 18m tree with glowing white stems and delicate branch formation.
The use of robots in primary industries of agriculture and fisheries and utilis ation of data in dairy farming is proof that the agriculture industry is making changes in the way it operates - a long- awaited development for the traditionally old-fashioned and less progressive industry.
Hence, the objectives of this study were to explore and compare the effects of three different species of yeasts (Candida utilis 1314, S.
Candida utilis y Pseudomonas putida), siguiendo la recomendacion del fabricante; (T4) rizobacterias de cacao, 2:1:1 suelo, lombricompuesto y arena + Inoculacion con 20 mL de inoculante de rizobacterias asociadas al cultivo de cacao con una concentracion celular de 1 x [10.
Yeast extract was also reported as the best nitrogen source for Candida utilis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae [6] and Aspergillus ochraceus [11].
2002) which studying the utilization of Candida utilis as protein source for tilapia fingerlings they obtained a minimum value of 2.