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Products that engender greater thought tend to be more utilitarian and higher involvement.
Pham and Higgins (2005) show that the information on attributes related to hedonic and aspirational benefits (such as luxury and personal and aesthetic gratification) get a bigger evaluating weight on the promotion regulatory state, while the information on attributes related to utilitarian and necessity benefits (such as security and protection) get a bigger evaluating weight on the prevention regulatory state.
Second, is this aspect of emotional responding selectively reduced in utilitarian respondents or enhanced in non-utilitarians?
Based on these relative levels of utilitarian and informational reinforcement, the BPM classifies four operant classes of consumer behavior: accomplishment (high utilitarian and high informational reinforcement), hedonism (high utilitarian and low informational), accumulation (low utilitarian and high informational), and maintenance (low utilitarian and low informational; Foxall, 1992).
Utilitarian was the descriptive label of prior arts education justification given by arts educators espousing aesthetic education who sought to justify the arts as part of the general school curriculum on a new footing.
punishment explicitly focused on utilitarian goals can satisfy
It took an otherwise utilitarian building and elevated it to real public-building stature," commented Viktors Jaunkalns of Toronto-based MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects.
To our knowledge, previous media selection studies have not conceptualized media attributes as utilitarian and hedonic.
Thus, based on this behavioral psychology research, utilitarian goals of punishment, and deterrence in particular, are best served through a purely utilitarian theory of punishment.
The book argues clearly that the communitarian and utilitarian perspectives with always the stake-holders in mind, contribute to a clear understanding on stands that one should take in ethical decision-making.
Baron endorses a rather technical tool for applying utilitarian theory.
But it is considered the appearance of the bell tower would be affected and it is proposed to install mock windows to screen the utilitarian engineering works.