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Portuguese Association of the Ceramics Industry (Apicer) is set to showcase its innovative products starting from floors and coatings, tiles, bricks and utilitarian to decorative ceramics and glassware, at the upcoming Big 5 expo in Dubai.
Thanks to critics from Charles Dickens to Michel Foucault, pre-20th century utilitarian philosophers have gained a reputation as amoral libertines or cold rationalists, impervious to what people today might call "social justice.
The findings suggest that greater experiential thinking enhances a consumer's preference towards hedonic products, while greater rational thinking endorses utilitarian products," the study's abstract read.
patent protects utilitarian concepts embodied in a product, while a
But there is something almost impossibly quaint about the utilitarian items of our past.
Meir Statman, the researcher and professor of finance at Santa Clara University, wrote that investments offer "three kinds of benefits: utilitarian, expressive, and emotional.
2014) developed a five-dimension measure of work values for use with millennial generation employees, assessing utilitarian orientation, that is, material rewards; intrinsic preference, that is, the social significance and satisfaction from the work itself; interpersonal harmony, that is, the importance of harmonious interpersonal relationships in the workplace; innovative orientation, that is, the tendency to have novel ideas, strong creativity and imagination, and daring to challenge tradition; and long-term orientation, that is, personal and occupational prospects over a long period.
Philosophers and psychologists have long argued about whether there is one "right" answer to such moral questions, be it utilitarian ethics, which advocates saving as many as possible, even if it requires personally harming an individual, or non-utilitarian principles, which mandate strict adherence to rules like "don't kill" that are rooted in the value of human life and dignity.
UTILITARIAN CLAY VI: CELEBRATE THE OBJECT, AN INTIMATE SYMPOSIUM HELD every four years since its inception in 1992, took place on 19-22 September, 2012.
Previous research has revealed and supported two types of consequences for consumer behavior (Foxall, 2010; Yan, Foxall, & Doyle, 2012a, 2012b), called utilitarian (incentives) and informational (performance feedback) in the BPM.
Why is it that Sam Harris, a committed utilitarian, sometimes sounds a bit like an egoist?