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The capacity utilization rates, calculated for the overall manufacturing industry and the sub-sectors, are the weighted averages of the actually realized capacity utilization rates of the respondent local units as per their physical capacities.
NAS virtualization switches provide the ability to dynamically balance capacity utilization across back end file systems.
Industrial production and capacity utilization will continue to be based on the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) until the 2002 annual revision, after which they will be constructed from the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS).
Somewhat distinct from the doctrine of equitable utilization under both the Helsinki Rules and the UN Convention is the principle of avoidance of significant harm.
Caregivers to dementia patients: The utilization of community services.
Ask whether the client's insurance carriers use incentive reimbursement systems that reward physicians and hospitals for effective utilization and cost control.
California's utilization rates may be cautiously used as a guide for long-term capital planning, keeping in mind that California has had 30 years of progressive managed-care influence to achieve current utilization levels.
Based on a literature review and field studies in methadone clinics, this project documented a wide range of obstacles to vocational service utilization operating on the clients, program and societal levels.
Central Bank stated on Monday that capacity utilization rate rose 7.
2% with 20 of 51 rigs contracted, while marketed utilization rose to 52.
in order to better understand the performance utilization of underlying assets.