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Data on the capacity utilization rate of manufacturing industry, which are being compiled and disseminated by Central Bank as of January 2010, are calculated based on the responses of the local units operating in the manufacturing industry to the "Business Tendency Survey (BTS)" of CB.
As a result, enterprises have low NAS utilization rates (30-50% average) and have no simple way of optimizing resource allocation.
On November 27, the Federal Reserve Board will publish revisions to the index of industrial production (IP), to the related measures of capacity and capacity utilization, and to the index of industrial use of electric power.
In simple terms, the principle of equitable utilization requires states to take into consideration all relevant factors and circumstances when working toward an obligation to utilize transboundary waters in an equitable and reasonable manner.
Many Medicaid programs place utilization limits on the amount of home health care Medicaid recipients may receive.
Does the plan use copayments, coinsurance, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums to reduce unnecessary utilization (see exhibit 2, below)?
California's utilization rates are lower, but costs per patient are higher.
Interviews with clinical and administrative staff in the four methadone clinics focussed on the key program and staff issues affecting the utilization of services.
This software solution provides Global 3000 companies a unified view of current and projected storage capacity usage, which enables IT organizations to develop effective storage capacity plans, maximize utilization of existing storage assets and significantly reduce capital expenditures on IT storage.
ANKARA, Oct 25, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey's capacity utilization rate of manufacturing industry increased 7.
com)-- According to RigData Offshore reports, mobile rig utilization in the Gulf of Mexico rose this week as one semi went idle, offset by a return to contracted for two jackups previously counted as idle.