utter contempt

See: disdain
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With all England he knew the utter contempt in which Henry held the terms of the Magna Charta which he so often violated along with his kingly oath to maintain it.
To my astonishment and horror her head went high, and as a look of utter contempt touched her finely chiseled features she turned her back full upon me.
It is quite true," she replied, referring to him with the indifference of utter contempt.
And I think that Jubal, from utter contempt of me, began to change to a feeling of respect, and then in his primitive mind there evidently loomed the thought that perhaps at last he had met his master, and was facing his end.
The girl but tilted her chin a bit higher in the air--even her back proclaimed her utter contempt for her captors.
I should deserve utter contempt if I dared to suppose that true attachment and constancy were known only by woman.
To call Northern Ireland a 'putrid little statelet' shows utter contempt to many who, like me, are deeply proud of the province" South Belfast MP Emma Little-Pengelly.
He further said, 'This shows the utter contempt the Sharif brothers have for the people of Pakistan.
It's disgraceful the city council's utter contempt and disregard for the city's heritage.
Conservative and Labour ministers and MPs have shown utter contempt for the steelworkers.
MWL President Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa expressed in a statement his utter contempt towards those who planned to carry out the attack.
He added: "Trump's unwillingness to support the Paris Agreement highlights his utter contempt towards science, the international community and welfare of millions of people across the globe.