utter reliability

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Its reputation is intact--it's still rated as the shotgun to beat when it comes to utter reliability in the field under the worst possible circumstances.
With utter reliability and pleasing accuracy, I can see why the company calls it a long-range shooter's dream.
Recognized for thought leadership and cutting-edge services, the company's mission is "Enabling IT Freedom" for its clients, empowering them to make the most productive use of their IT assets, with utter reliability.
Christ's death discloses the utter reliability of God's love above all in the light of his resurrection.
Mazda regularly bet the farm on it, and they always win - a byword for excellent handling and utter reliability - cloth top versions of the car are available for very sensible money.
Nissan Almera: A dull package, but that's no reason to dismiss the Almera which is practical and perfect for the smaller family who need a big boot and utter reliability.
The current Lexus flagship is the LS430 which has carried on the tradition of the first LS400 - quality and utter reliability all the way.
Our Brocade-based SAN gave us the availability, utter reliability and productivity we require in an environment that cannot tolerate downtime.
The other very pleasant occurrence was the utter reliability of the pistol.
With the initial LS400, the brand started as an "affordable" Benz-styled derivative focusing on product smoothness, refinement and utter reliability.