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And he presupposes not only the existence of the language system he is using, but also the existence of preceding utterances --his own and others'--with which his given utterance enters into one kind of relation or another [.
Each of the four noise conditions are plotted in Figure 7, along with a sample convolved utterance ("find a street address") for reference purposes.
Second, turning to Bakhtin, I establish the theoretical foundation for this pedagogy by arguing that his utterance and grotesque body are germane, linked phenomena.
The meaning of the reformulated utterance depends not only on the difference between the unchanged and new parts but also on their interaction.
In this task, both the subject of the speaker and of the utterance is vital to determine the framing of the utterance and its meaning.
The secret agent matches an utterance to the correct screen-pop suggestion, and the application progresses without the caller knowing that for a few seconds a human was working behind the scenes.
We included them because we wanted to evaluate differences between potentially stronger reinforcing utterances (like 'excellent
This module also has a disambiguation mechanism in the event that the utterance vector is similar to several destinations.
As part of the flow of interactions, an indication that a pointing gesture had been produced was inserted into the transcription within the corresponding utterance; this enabled us to further analyze the mother and child utterances accompanied or not by a pointing gesture.
Pitch, including the contour of pitch over time, and other variables can then be averaged across each utterance.
Finally, almost a third of lexical items found in one- and three-word utterances were common to both utterance lengths.
Ebbs, the book's antiskeptic, answers this argument by insisting that the skeptic who puts it forward must be able to understand it, which means he must know what every sentence token in it means, and hence that the skeptic cannot be in the dark about what proposition any of the utterances in the argument express, including those that make use of natural kind terms.