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After preparing my address, I went through it, as I usually do with those utterances which I consider particularly important, with Mrs.
He turned and lurched out of the place, the moral effect of his utterance largely spoiled by the fact that he was so patently full while he uttered it.
Irish they claim to be, speaking of the North of Ireland with pride and sneering at their Scottish brothers; yet Scotch they undoubtedly are, transplanted Scotch of long ago, it is true, but none the less Scotch, with a thousand traits, to say nothing of their tricks of speech and woolly utterance, which nothing less than their Scotch clannishness could have preserved to this late day.
Powell thought with exasperation: "Here he goes again," for this utterance had nothing cryptic for him.
My Intended, my station, my career, my ideas--these were the subjects for the occa- sional utterances of elevated sentiments.
The simplest utterances are worthiest to be written, yet are they so cheap and so things of course, that in the infinite riches of the soul it is like gathering a few pebbles off the ground, or bottling a little air in a phial, when the whole earth and the whole atmosphere are ours.
So he gives up altogether the lower and middle parts of the form, and looks round in despair at the boys on the top bench, to see if there is one out of whom he can strike a spark or two, and who will be too chivalrous to murder the most beautiful utterances of the most beautiful woman of the old world.
Mary was too angry with her husband, because of the impending strike and his incendiary utterances, to hold conversation with Saxon, and the latter, bepuzzled, listened to the conflicting opinions of the men.
Apart from a few characteristic utterances of the Betteredge philosophy, this was the sum and substance of my correspondent's letter.
All this theory rested upon the utterances of an old charwoman who had been nearly knocked down by a man in a hurry.
She had the trick of firing off Solomon's utterances also upon strangers, astonishing them easily by the unfamiliar text and the unexpectedly jocular vein of these quotations.
The fellow's casual utterances were caught up and treasured and pondered over by all these imbeciles.