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We strongly condemn utterances and actions that perpetuate tribalism and hatred among the Kamba and Kikuyu," he told reporters on Wednesday, flanked by his Nyeri colleague Edward Mutahi.
The governor's aides said that the government had resolved that anybody suspected of making such utterances would be handed over to the police for necessary lawful actions on him.
From this perspective, the participation of the other in the construction of utterances is minimized, that is, the interlocutor takes on the role of a listener, who only passively assimilates the words spoken or written by the speaker.
Unlike the lab process of noisy utterance collection described in the first study, this synthetic means of noisy utterance collection is much more powerful and can be applied to thousands of utterances once the initial background noise and CIRs are collected.
Shot through with heteroglossia, a speaker's utterance bears the traces of these other speakers and is linked to their utterances.
Reformulation is a theoretical approach that addresses how children transfer utterances that they heard in their mother tongue into utterances they produce themselves.
The court was requested to issue directions for restraining Imran Khan from utterances or actions threatening to overthrow the government.
He also stressed upon the judiciary to take suo motto notice of the utterances and threats of zulfiqar Mirza and put his threats on record.
For example, if a politician says, "Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the United States as evidenced by our neighborhoods" the utterance of diversity most likely refers to numerous ethnic communities across the city.
The system's adaptive-understanding technology works by taking any utterance the ASR engine fails to understand and sending it to an actual person, along with a screen pop of most likely matches.
On some occasions, the therapist finishes these discriminative provide information sequences with low reinforcement utterances.
One of the alternatives that have been used is to employ spontaneous speech recognition techniques and subsequently categorize spontaneous utterances (1) into subject areas.