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I will merely say that I don't give up your cause as utterly lost, until the conviction now impressed on my own mind is proved to be wrong.
Memory was not so utterly torpid in Silas that it could not be awakened by these words.
Indeed, considerable uneasiness began to be felt concerning these men, lest they should become utterly bewildered in the defiles of the mountains, or should fall into the hands of some marauding band of savages.
Murray, of Horton Lodge, near O , about seventy miles from our village: a formidable distance to me, as I had never been above twenty miles from home in all the course of my twenty years' sojourn on earth; and as, moreover, every individual in that family and in the neighbourhood was utterly unknown to myself and all my acquaintances.
Safie nursed her with the most devoted affection, but the poor girl died, and the Arabian was left alone, unacquainted with the language of the country and utterly ignorant of the customs of the world.
All at once, a propos of nothing, he would walk softly and smoothly into my room, when I was pacing up and down or reading, stand at the door, one hand behind his back and one foot behind the other, and fix upon me a stare more than severe, utterly contemptuous.
TO SEEK to extinguish anger utterly, is but a bravery of the Stoics.
I say nearly because it is beyond contestation that in order for us to have a good and meaningful lives and worthwhile existence, we utterly need those necessary elements.
He said: "I was utterly horrendous out there from first ball to last, utterly disgraceful.
It disappoints me to see an article published that is so utterly false.
I voted to leave for good steady leftwing reasons like the EU is a big business mans club dedicated to austerity, privatisation and deregulation which has destroyed Greece and the economies of Southern Europe and I have been utterly appalled by the Leave Campaign attacks on refugees.
In a tweet in his personal account he said, "Sad events in Paris are utterly deplorable.