utterly illogical

See: irrational
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The arrests are not only utterly illogical but patently illegal.
5 per cent on all of our horseracing revenue and it seems to me to be utterly illogical and insupportable for the racing industry to argue that 7.
The world is full of petty-minded people who get their kicks out of spoiling other people's simple pleasures by enforcing utterly illogical and pointless regulations.
Terming her a "daughter-in-law of Pakistan" is utterly illogical.
Dyson felt the use of bags and filters was utterly illogical, as the pores clogged, compromising suction from the first use.
They say that in Okta's tender documents, it was required of the truck drivers to be also responsible for the quality of the fuel which is utterly illogical.
he asked, adding: "It is utterly illogical to blame the working class for the country's economic crisis.
Arguing With Judge Judy (UC-Berkeley) Learn about rhetoric through "arguments made by the litigants that are utterly illogical, or perversions of standard logic, and yet are used over and over again.
It is utterly illogical to deny personnel resources to a State body that has a crucial role in creating employment.
Rijkaard, who has suffered his own share of racial abuse in Spanish and Italian football, praised Eto'o's resilience and added: "These incidents are not only sad for football, they're utterly illogical.
As one letter to the Wall Street Journal stated shortly after the verdict, "Why our society entrusts its most complex scientific disputes to 12 people who are scientifically ignorant is so utterly illogical that no one could possible defend it in a court of reason.