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Godfrey who had just reviled our good work as a "nuisance"--and just declared that he wished he was at the uttermost ends of the earth when he found himself in our company
If Henry could, by an effort of will, have transported the Countess to the uttermost ends of the earth, he would have made the effort without remorse.
She knew only that it was sin, and she lifted her head proudly, recklessly resolved, in one great surge of revolt, to sin to the uttermost.
Though I suffer all deaths that a man can die To the uttermost end of time, I have deep-drained this, my cup of bliss, In every age and clime-- "The froth of Pride, the tang of Power, The sweet of Womanhood
Are you prepared to make a great sacrifice for her sake - to leave England at once, to take her to the uttermost part of the world?
Be this as it may, John Willet, in whom the very uttermost extent of dull-headed perplexity supplied the place of courage, stationed himself in the porch, and waited for their coming up.
They had recently seen a chosen army from that country, which, reverencing as a mother, they had blindly believed invincible--an army led by a chief who had been selected from a crowd of trained warriors, for his rare military endowments, disgracefully routed by a handful of French and Indians, and only saved from annihilation by the coolness and spirit of a Virginian boy, whose riper fame has since diffused itself, with the steady influence of moral truth, to the uttermost confines of Christendom.
Above all, he had upon his side the unyielding obstinacy of his nation, and that unbending resolution, with which Israelites have been frequently known to submit to the uttermost evils which power and violence can inflict upon them, rather than gratify their oppressors by granting their demands.
Apply Sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house: As we know Holi is an outdoor flurry and customarily sunny, the first thing of uttermost importance is your face that is at the risk of getting blemished.
The new president said he will execute his mandate with uttermost humility, faithfulness, and dignity.
span xml:lang="ENWe vowed to treat expressions of love for the other person with uttermost reverence.
indeed, Abrupt transitions or tipping points are a critical component of climate dynamics, Which is a topic of major importance for society as a whole, In addition to being a scientific subject of uttermost current interest.